released July 21, 2012


tags: punk Texas


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going peacefully Texas

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Track Name: deadpsalm
Empty and cold. Lifeless at the bottom. The circle is closing in, lifted by light. Ascending into nothing. Blinded by sorrow, lifeless to life. Life at the bottom, followed false light. Ascending into nothing. Descending to my everything.
Track Name: bastard inheritance
Lack of motivation, lack of self control. Absent in life, but clinging to the gene. Axe dull and heavy. Hands bare and bloody, spirit weak and broken. Hanging on by its last thread.
Track Name: meet me in nifelheim
This is for everything you've put in me and ripped away. This is for the things you won't admit. Your filthy lips, filth spoken from filth. The scratching under your bed is the sound of hell drawing near. As you sleep, I won't watch over you anymore. When you hear whispers in your ear, it won't be me saying sweet dreams.
Track Name: move forward
Disposable at will, disposed at will. Flaws become reason and reason becomes truth. Move forward, repeating. In the core of it all, a negative piece of shit with a sense of humor.